Thursday, July 20, 2006

The difference between how Hizbullah/Palestinians fight and how Israel Fights


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So true

7:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, that's why there are 15 dead Israeli civilians and 300+ dead Lebanese civilians.

12:50 PM  
Blogger Ronen said...

yes - that exactly why. Because HA is launching rockets out of neighbourhoods and villages, storing the rockets in houses, forcing villagers to stay in south Lebanon

7:01 AM  
Anonymous maha said...

last time i checked, when villagers try leave... no wait...flee...they are shredded to pieces by israeli fighter jets....not hizballa...happened several times too...

12:20 PM  
Blogger Ronen said...

maha this is very not true!

Only a few civilians were bombed by mistake when leaving. you see - the Lebanese propaganda is quite absurd. How come a country have 4,000,000 civilians and although less than 250,000 of them leave in the area that has been asked t evacuate you claim that they are still in the villages since they can’t get out and say that there are 1,000,000 refugees in northern Lebanon and Beirut. You see – it doesn’t make sense, just like the rest of the lies you are trying to sell.

1:25 AM  
Anonymous maha said...


it would really help your cause if you stop calling people liars. propaganda is working both ways. People are dying on both sides. From your comments, and the photos you post on your blog, you seem to be a bit immature in this whole Arab-Israeli conflict. You suggest others read more about this on the internet? How about you? Is that where you get your info? How old are you? Where were your grandparents when this started? Mine were being kicked out of their home while they watched their relatives slaughtered by your people in their villages.

I think it is a very interesting time for both of us, arabs and israelis, and it's very interesting that we have this chance to talk via blogs and comments. Don't ruin it by insisting on what you are spoon-fed by your media or what you look for on the internet to serve what you believe is "true" and by going after other commenters on lebanese blogs and insulting them and threatening them. After 50 years of war in this region, this issue is not black or white, winners or losers.

Arabs and Jews have been living together in this area before the "state of israel" was established. if you want to direct your anger at someone, direct it at your militarized government who is killing you while it kills us.

i'm not selling any lies. I'm a mother and i hurt when i watch children dying and being blown to pieces. I wouldn't believe for a second that you are convinced that it's ok to kill those innocent angels just becasue the "cowards" are hiding among them. do you really? my heart wept when i saw the photo of the israeli baby you have posted on your blog, because i am a mother an i am human. but there are also photos of palestinian and lebanese babies i can give you links to view.

when will we BOTH see who are the real victims here? when will we see who is fueling this fued between our people? just like i won't defend hizballah, please don't defend your military.

4:34 AM  
Blogger Ronen said...

Lets discuss the details. You would be surprised to know that I know the small details very well.

First you asked about my family. From one side they came to IL on 1923, the other side of the familiy is in Jerusalem even before 1600, that’s how far the family tree goes. Beyond that we simply don’t know for sure.

About your family – from what village did your family come from? In which village Israel slaughtered the people? By whom your family was kicked out?

I am asking this because what you are telling me could turn into a real scoop….

after this lets talk about the rest of what you are saying - basically compering HA to IDF...

9:20 AM  

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