Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Israel PM Olmert: Hizbalah’s abduction of Israeli soldiers was coordinated with Tehran. He accused Iran of wanting to divert attention from its nuclear program.

Olmert stressed there would be no negotiations with Hizballah. Israel will continue its military operation while cooperating with diplomatic efforts to solve the Lebanese crisis, aid Israeli FM Tzipi Livni.

Invoking Security Council resolution 1559 and G-8 decisions, the foreign minister called for the complete disarmament of Hizballah, effective Lebanese army deployment in the south and the prevention of Iran and Syria from re-arming Hizballah in the future.

The shelling of Israeli cities must stop immediately. It is Israel’s moral duty to secure the immediate and unconditional release of the three soldiers held hostage. Livni spoke after talks with Kofi Annan’s special UN team


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