Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Katyusha rocket hits Nazareth house, two children of 8 and 10 killed and an adult, twelve injured

Some 80 Katyusha rockets in a 10-minute span struck a number of empty buildings across Galilee Wednesday afternoon. Haifa, Carmiel, Tiberias and Safed

An earlier wave hit Nahariya, Haifa and the bayside suburbs, Tirat Hacarmel, the Jezreel Valley and Safed Wednesday midday. Four people were injured in a rocket attack north of Safed.
Day Eight of the war began with Katyusha landings over Nahariya, greater Haifa and Kiryat Shmona. Two civilians were injured in direct hit on a Haifa building. Food shortages are developing in Galilee where the inhabitants are ordered to spend another day in shelters.
Tuesday night, some 50 rockets raked all of Galilee in a heavy 90-minute Hizballah barrage down to and including Haifa in the south. Twenty-nine civilians were injured. In Nahariya, Andrei Zilansky was killed two weeks before his 37th birthday as he handed his family into a shelter.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have they burned? Uh, you know, Jews, you support your IDF and so you deserve it. Stop the IDF and the war will stop. You know you want to.

See, it is very easy, disarm the IDF and you will live in peace. No more bombs on you.

But if not, you'll burn. I'm sorry for you, but it is so. Never start a war you can't stop.

12:52 PM  
Blogger Ronen said...

very funny. comparing a terrorist organization to an offical army. Well if Lebanon will decide that HA is their official army than Lebanon has officaly declared all-out war on Israel and the response of IL should be very hard upon your little dumb heads..

7:04 AM  

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